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How does a dumbshit like De Blasio get elected mayor of America’s leading city?

How does a Dumbshit like De Blasio get elected mayor of America’s leading city?

De Blasio wants to withhold Americans’ paychecks to force them to be injected with a dangerous “vaccine” that injures and kills but does not protect. What does this tell you about the total lack of intelligence of the New York City voting population?

Democrats are sock puppets of Big Pharma. They keep repeating that there is a pandemic of the unvaccinated when all the evidence shows it is a pandemic of the vaccinated. The “vaccine” harms natural immunity and makes people more susceptible to all viruses and illnesses. The “vaccine” spawns variants immune to the “vaccine.” The “vaccine” causes health injuries and deaths. These are reasons it is a “pandemic of the vaccinated.”

The vaccine that the Democrats want to force on everyone does not protect. This is a known fact. The NIH knows it. The CDC knows it. Big Pharma knows it. The vaccine makes a person vulnerable.

How is it possible that the mayor of NYC and the president of the US don’t know this? Who advises them? The answer is Big Pharma. Remember, Pfizer gave Biden one million dollars for his inauguration.

https://www.infowars.com/posts/de-blasios-pitch-to-unvaxxed-your-paycheck-depends-on-it-and-so-does-your-ability-to-enjoy-life/ [1]

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