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Covid Pandemic Nothing But a Money-Making Scheme

Covid Pandemic Nothing But a Money-Making Scheme

As was obvious from the beginning, the “pandemic” was a Fauci-Big Pharma Orchestration

https://www.globalresearch.ca/biontech-says-three-additional-pfizer-covid-vaccine-doses-needed-fight-omicron-total-six-required-full-vaccination/5764452 [1]

Fauci, and his two-bit brain-damaged puppet, President Biden, intend to keep the gravy train on track to greater profits. https://www.rt.com/usa/543450-biden-omicron-dark-winter/ [2]

When you see the President of the United States as totally disinformed as Biden shows himself to be about Covid vaccination, it must scare us to death how little he comprehends his insane regime’s push for total war with Russia.

Profits over life is the only rule Washington obeys.

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