Does a Country Whose Population Is Incapable of Thought Really Exist?

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Does a Country Whose Population Is Incapable of Thought Really Exist?

Paul Craig Roberts

Cornell University’s president, Martha E. Pollack, probably a gender-diversity appointment, but perhaps not, has closed down Cornell university because of the Omicron variant. And guess what: they were all vaccinated. “Virtually every case of the Omicron variant to date has been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had also received a booster shot,” said Joel M. Malina, the school’s vice president. We have “not seen severe illness” in any of the infected students.

When Ivy League university presidents become hysterical and close the university because of a virus that the South African doctors who discovered it say is so mild as to have resulted in no hospitalizations or deaths, we have to wonder about the mental and emotional stability of the American elite class. It seems that anyone who can say “boo” can send them into emotional collapse.

Here, courtesy of Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University, are the fatality ratios and survival rates by age group of Covid-19 infection, acknowledged at this time of writing to be more dangerous than the variants:

The only people at risk of dying from the most dangerous version of Covid to date are 70+ in years with comorbidities, and the survival rate of the only vulnerable group is 94.5%. Moreover, most of those who actually died from Covid did so because treatment with known cures, such as HCQ and Ivermectin, were prohibited by “Covid protocol” issued by Fauci and enforced by hospitals that made money by reporting deaths as Covid deaths whether they were or not. It is a fact that people who died from gun shots and motorcycle accidents were reported as “Covid deaths.”

How many 70+ students does Cornell University have?

The vast majority of people who allegedly “died from Covid” actually died because their existing illnesses presented a weak immune system to the Covid virus. This group is concentrated among the elderly simply because some of the elderly, after a lifetime of bad living habits, have accumulated health problems that make them vulnerable. The seasonal flu took out the same people, and we did not have universities closed, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, concentration camps, imprisonment of the non-vaccinated, etc. Never before did a “health crisis,” much less a totally orchestrated one without any factual or scientific basis, result in the destruction of civil liberty.

Fauci, a rich man due to his Big Pharma relationships and co-ownership of patents ( ), the presstitutes, whose prospects are declining due to loss of interest in print, TV, and NPR “news,” and Big Pharma’s medical establishment dependent on Big Pharma’s grants together succeeded in creating fear that brainwashed not only the sheeple but also University presidents and corporate elite and drove the fools into vaccination with an experimental substance that has now proven itself to be more lethal than Covid. (see the endless reports on my website)

When there are people this easily panicked, this easily deceived, what kind of country do you have?

Should a country with such a weak and panicked population incapable of independent thought really be picking fights with Iran, China, Russia?

How can America compete against countries with male images that are not demonized? It is only the United States that has written off its male population, especially the white ones, as “deplorables.”

If the American population is nothing but an empty sheet to be programmed by a Ministry of Propaganda, where is the country?

The only sense in which the American people are “exceptionable” is the ease with which they are brainwashed and rendered impotent.

A thinking American is an oxymoron.

The only thoughtful Americans that really exist are the readers and supporters of this website and a few others that challenge the fake news narratives.

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