It Is Blacks and Not Whites Who Have the Privilege

It Is Blacks and Not Whites Who Have the Privilege

A white university professor’s response to The Erasure of the White Race:

“Yesterday my wife went into the corner CFS drug store to buy some mascara.
“There was a black man shoplifting flagrantly and walking right out. The manager said that he could do nothing about that, because if the theft was less than (I think) $950, the judge would just let the person out again. So there’s no punishment.
“My wife did not feel that she could simply say, ‘Oh, then I’m walking out with what I just took off the shelf.’
“A year ago a jewelry store owner said that a black shoplifter came in. He couldn’t stop her, because then they would sue him for racial profiling. She grabbed a pair of earrings and walked out.”

How long before they walk into our homes and throw us out? The Camp of the Saints scenario is playing itself out. White people are defenseless. Remember the white couple in St. Louis arrested because they defended their home against BLM.

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