Are People Impotent Because Their Protests Are Peaceful?

Are People Impotent Because Their Protests Are Peaceful?

Karl Marx said that violence is the only effective force in history.  

Was he right?

Governments are using an orchestrated “Covid Pandemic” to destroy people’s jobs, careers, health, and lives.  The Covid Policy of Western governments is organized coercion of the people.  Governments initiated violence.  Why shouldn’t violence be used against the corrupt murderous governments?

Sooner or later the police will have to decide whether they are on the side of the people or the corrupt murderous governments.  If the police also are being coerced into injections, they should protect themselves as well as the people by turning against the corrupt and murderous governments.  Why should police be agents of a government that intends to inject them with a dangerous substance that does not protect but does cause death and serious adverse reactions?

Go to 24:30 on this video — —  listen to the Australian government nazi official say “protests don’t work, protests are illegal, people will accept injection or they won’t be allowed to work” and watch the crowds overrun the violent police. 

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