Everything King Midas Touched Turned to Gold, but Everything Democrats Touch Turns to Excrement

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Everything King Midas Touched Turned to Gold, but Everything Democrats Touch Turns to Excrement

Paul Craig Roberts

The Democrats in the latter half of the 20th and early 21st centuries transitioned from a reform party into  America’s worst enemy.  Essentially, the Democrats destroyed America.  They replaced the white population with Third World “people of color” who have different values and different cultures.  Assimilation was halted. To assimilate immigrants was declared to be racist, cultural supremacy,  and hostility to “multiculturalism,” which somehow became an overriding value.   It became more important to be a Tower of Babel than to be a united Nation. 

It was the Democrats who imposed disunity on America.  It was the Democrats who changed the immigration laws and overran a white population with people of color living off of handouts imposed on the white population.

It was the Democrats who invented Identity Politics and who institutionalized in the educational system Critical Race Theory and Systemic Racism that demonize white Americans.

It was Democrats who destroyed Equality Under the Law by violating the statutory basis of the Civil Rights Act and imposing racial quotas, a form of preferment before the law.

It was Democrats who sicced women on men.  Men became oppressors unless they were homosexuals.  If they were straight white men, they were triple-time oppressors—women, persons of color, and homosexuals.

In America today heterosexual white men, that is, totally normal people, are subject to every epithet known to mankind.  They are demonized relentlessly.  They cannot protest hate speech or hate crimes against them.  They cannot exercise free speech.  They are totally dispossessed of their rights and humanity.  But they are “privileged.”

This attack on white men was an attack on the basic strength of the country.  Amazons are a fanciful story, but women have always been dependent on men, and the pretense that they are not, now institutionalized throughout American society, is one great delusion.  It is the stupid feminists who are turning men into misogynists.

Think about that 4-starred quota-hired Uncle Tom moron who is Secretary of Defense and is imposing “racial sensitivity training” on white soldiers.  Does this imbecile think any white heterosexual male will fight for him, for a country that conducts an unrelentless campaign against white heterosexual males?

Washington relies on Southern “redneck racists” to fight its wars.  With the destruction of the statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, no real Southerner will ever again fight for the United States. Robert E. Lee as a person is so far superior to any person currently in Washington or Richmond, the Pentagon, state capitols, media, universities, wherever, that to desecrate Lee’s memory is to desecrate the country.  Now that America is self-desecratated, it has no future.

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