Why do “Health Authorities” and Presstitutes Lie to Us about Covid?

Why do “Health Authorities” and Presstitutes Lie to Us about Covid?

Paul Craig Roberts

The liar and mass murderer Fauci, the liar and mass murderer Walensky, and the lying and mass murderer presstitutes keep misinforming the public that the Covid cases are mainly among the unvaccinated.  This is completely false.  The Covid cases are occurring in the fully vaccinated.  Below is the data from Israel for the month of July by age group and vaccination status.

It is the same in the US and everywhere.

You can look at it this way.  The mRNA vaccine does not protect and/or the mRNA vaccine causes Covid infection and new Covid variants.

The evidence is clear.

Why do Fauci, Walensky, and the presstitutes keep lying to us?

What is Israel’s response to the total failure of the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine”?  Booster shots! That is, more Covid cases, more deaths, more new viruses that are immune to vaccines and to our own immune system.  The stupid Israeli government is committing Holocaust against the Israeli Jews!

The murderous Western “medical authorities” are doing the same thing to gentiles.

In Third World countries–Africa, India–where HCQ and Ivermectin are used the people are safe.



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