White Privilege and White Racism Are Hoaxes

White Privilege and White Racism Are Hoaxes

Paul Craig Roberts

As part of the false reality that The Matrix has created for us, white people are privileged because of their skin.  Allegedly, this privilege creates in white people the impression that they are superior to all others, and this makes them racists.

This dogma has become immune to all evidence.  For example, when Americans elected Obama, who regards himself as black, President of the United States and then re-elected him, it passed unnoticed that these events disproved that the white majority is racist.  

I have often wondered why Obama, who is half white and half black, chose to be regarded as a black person.  This decision cost him “white privilege.”  Obviously, Obama, a politician accustomed to considering what most improved his chances, decided that the advantage was in being black, not in being white.

Obama is not the only mixed race person of note who decided being black was advantageous to being white.  Lewis Hamilton is also half white, half black, and he also has chosen to be black rather than white. His annual salary as a Formula One race champion is $50 million. His current net worth is $285 million.

His racing team mate Valtteri Bottas, a white man, makes $12 million annually, and has a net worth of $20 million.  Bottas often has to forgo winning in order to block challengers to Hamilton.

There is no doubt that Hamilton has been for the past seven years the best.  He has been aided by having the best car.  Hamilton is a 7 times world champion, matching the record of the legendary German Michael Schumacher.  Hamilton is a gifted race driver. I have watched many races in which he starts last as a result of mechanical difficulties during qualifying or penalties and wins the race. Formula One racing is highly competitive. Hamilton is up against Vettel, a four time world champion, and Alonzo, a two time champion, and a number of one time champions. The cars make much of the difference, and in recent years the Mercedes and Red Bull teams have had the best cars. 

Until the last two races, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was leading Hamilton in championship points. But Hamilton and then Bottas succeeded in knocking him off the track into the wall, thus putting him out of the last two races. This sets Hamilton up to own the record of 8 world championships.  Mercedes, a German company with a black driver, is in line to again win the manufacturers championship.

Why does Hamilton, who is 50% white and 50% black, identify as a black if there is white privilege?  

If white people were racists, why do the white British Formula One fans cheer Hamilton so sincerely and delight in his wins?  

I watched recently the British Grand Prix, and the English stands full of tens of thousands of white people were enthralled with their black champion.

In other words, all this white racism stuff is poppycock. Go watch a deep South football or basketball game. 85-90% of the players are black, and the white fans cheer them wildly. How does this reconcile with white racism?

You are not allowed to say so, but the same holds for National Socialist Germany according to documented facts presented in his histories by David Irving. The national socialists went through extensive debates as to how much of a Jew one had to be to be a Jew.  Whatever the decision, Irving reports that there were 150,000 half or quarter Jews serving as officers in the Wehrmacht.

How do we reconcile this fact with the holocaust?  We can’t, because no one is allowed to investigate or offer an opinion.  The holocaust is unchallengeable. Europeans and Canadians who challenge it go to prison. 

The situation in which the Western world lives is one in which reality is based on suppositions and ideological assertions, not on facts.  Facts have become irrelevant in the Western world.   Having rejected facts, Western civilization, which is based on facts, has repudiated itself.  

It is this self-repudiation that signals the dissolution of Western civilization. 

As Jean Raspail made clear in 1973 in The Camp of the Saints, European Civilization only exists in its monuments.  In the United States, allegedly a Christian country, no Christian symbols are permitted on public display at Easter and Christmas.

There is no such thing as a living civilization whose roots are dug up and cast away.

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