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Study: Hydroxychloroquine could have saved ‘staggering’ number of lives

Study: Hydroxychloroquine could have saved ‘staggering’ number of lives

https://freepressers.com/articles/study-hydroxychloroquine-could-have-saved-staggering-number-of-lives [1] 

A reader asks why Dr. Fauci vigorosly steered Americans and Europeans away from this Covid cure.  “As a consequence Fauci’s guidance has led to more misery and death than even Josef Mengele could have envisioned. When will Fauci be brought up on mass murder charges?”

But not Fauci alone.  He was just a shill for Big Pharma.  When will the Big Pharma executives be brought up on charges?  

The only reason anyone died is that they were blocked from access to HCQ and Ivermectin in order to leave a deadly vaccine as the only alternative.

This is the crime of the century.  All responsible, including the scum media, should be arrested.

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