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Experts Express Doubts About Covid Vaccine Safety

Experts Express Doubts About Covid Vaccine Safety

Neuroscientist Chris Shaw PhD shares his concerns about the mRNA #Covid19 vaccines and explains Moderna’s own data demonstrating mRNA can cross the blood-brain barrier.

https://rumble.com/vctu59-neuroscientists-concerns-about-covid-vaccines.html [1]

Doctor Reports Medical Establishment Suppression of HCQ /ZincCure

Dr. Simone Gold Blows The Lid Off The COVID Lie and Sounds The Alarm About the Vaccines!

https://welovetrump.com/2021/01/30/dr-simone-gold-blows-the-lid-off-the-covid-lie-and-sounds-the-alarm-about-the-vaccines/ [2]

COVID-19 Vaccination: Experimental Gene Therapy Under the Guise of Immunity?

A Special Interview With Judy Mikovits, Ph.D.

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

https://mercola.fileburst.com/PDF/ExpertInterviewTranscripts/DrMercola-JudyMikovits-COVID-19-Vaccination.pdf [3] 

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