They Are Using Fear to Create Acceptance of Vaccination. Why?

They Are Using Fear to Create Acceptance of Vaccination.  Why?

Farrakhan says it is a plot to get rid of black people.

Actually, it seems to be a plot against everyone.

“The first Covid-19 vaccine to reach the market will be one completely unalike any before. Developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna is new mRNA technology, never before approved for use in humans in the United States; “m” is for Messenger. This vaccine does not have the coronavirus in it. Instead, it instructs your body to make the Covid-19 spike protein. Once injected, you create a threat to yourself and then go to war against the threat you created. This is deliberate manipulation of the very core of our biological makeup. This vaccine has a very real potential to alter who and what we are.”

“The expression of this mRNA is literally the spike protein from two deadly retroviruses that are in our own viral gnomes. We have been using aborted fetal tissue and other vaccines. When you add this mRNA vaccine, you are literally putting the blueprint into every cell of the body and you are making this highly pathogenic (disease-causing) protein. You will kill people who are already compromised and you will sterilize young women who get this vaccine.”

The elites serving up lies to serve their agendas have destroyed confidence in every institution and every public authority.

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