How the Liberal/Left Destroyed Western Civilization

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How the Liberal/Left Destroyed Western Civilization

And Target Whiteness for Erasure

Paul Craig Roberts

The liberals destroyed Western civilization by teaching black Americans to hate white people, their “oppressors.”  This made racial diversity and multiculturalism  impossible.  In the absence of assimilation, the result is disunity.

The left destroyed civilization by defining the working class—“the Trump deplorables”—as the victimizer. This freed the greed-driven elites from working class restraint. Today both the British Labour Party and the US Democrat Party represent the elite.  Consider how rich the elite have made Tony Blair and the Clintons.

The liberals threw open the borders of Western countries to immigrant-invaders.  As darker-skinned peoples flowed into white countries, liberals taught them that   white people are their oppressors.  Thus was hatred imported in large numbers into the West where the victim status of “people of color” is used to curtail freedom of speech and freedom of association of white people.  Assimilation is considered racist and a suppressor of diversity and multiculturalism and was officially terminated. Thus was  the unity that assimilation fosters  destroyed.

The white liberal/left will suffer the consequences, just as they do in Jean Raspail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints, along with “the Trump deplorables.”

Of course, not all immigrant-invaders are haters.  Some appreciate their improved chances in life and defend the system, but others see political opportunity in victimhood and thus exploit it. Generally speaking, the offense is more effective than the defense. The initiative lies in making charges, not answering them.

The left has destroyed American unity with Identity Politics, systemic racism, and critical race theory and stood Karl Marx on his head by defining the American working class as racist and misogynist oppressors of “people of color” and women.  In the hands of the left, the working class has gone from victim to victimizer. The black hat is no longer the capitalist exploiter of the worker. The liberal/left has placed the black hat on the demonized “white racist, sexist, working class.”

The alleged “racial minorities”  are actually vast majorities.  White people constitute a small percentage of people on earth. Single countries, such as India and China, have more “people of color” than the entire Western World has white people.

The Democrat Party has raised Identity Politics to an ideology and justifies electoral theft as a necessary means to suppress “whiteness” and all its sins and crimes represented in their minds by Donald Trump and “the deplorables.”

Armed with an ideology is what makes Democrats and their militias—Antifa and BLM—dangerous. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “Ideology is what gives evil doing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination.”  

It requires certainty and audacity for the DNC to organize the theft of a presidential election and for Antifa and BLM to assault strangers, to loot and burn white businesses, and to threaten white neighborhoods. Their certainty comes from their conviction that “whiteness” must be brought to an end. Their audacity comes from their knowledge that white confidence has been impaired by years of demonization and, therefore, they will not be held accountable for their violence.

Just as in Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother needs an enemy of the people, the liberal/left also need an enemy and have created as their enemy “white supremacy.”  But where is the enemy’s ideology? Has it been taught for decades in the educational system like critical race theory, systemic racism, and Identity Politics?  Where is the Jacques Derrida of the “far right” who is deconstructing the anti-white ideology of Identity Politics?  Where are voices in politics, universities, media, and judiciary that are protecting white people from hate speech and crimes?

They don’t exist.

Therefore, the conflict is unequal.  The attack on white people is ideology-driven and white people have no defense. Any defense of whiteness is considered by the liberal/left to be ipso facto proof of racism.

The Jewish people, especially the Zionists among them, have made a great deal of how the demonization of Jews led to extermination.  Demonization demeans, and it is the tactic  that was used in the 20th century to destroy perceived class and race enemies.  

It is realistic to expect demonized white people to experience the same fate. The process has already begun: 


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