The Era of Democracy Is Passing

The Era of Democracy Is Passing

In a genuinely democratic country, where the will of the electorate is sacrosanct, there would be no rush to call a close, contested presidential race, especially one using new mail-in ballot systems nationwide. Rather, there would be a comprehensive, thorough and (somehow) impartial forensic study of the vote, requiring everyone to chill, and wait for a fair determination.

That isn’t going to happen here and now, as the will of the electorate has, for decades, been systematically subverted and denied in the US, which has the worst voting system in the developed world. It’s going to be a savage free-for-all (or look like one), with each side favoring its (seeming) champion, until some catastrophic resolution that will probably entail still more totalitarian restrictions (i.e., martial law). It would be nice (to say the least) if there were an election integrity movement focused on the integrity of our elections, and not just on beating Trump; but there isn’t one.

This crisis will surely make it even easier to bring on mandatory vaccination, especially after the emergence of some new pathogen that’s even scarier than C-19 (as Bill Gates smirkingly predicted months ago). The looming crackdown has been telegraphed already by the spotlighting of Biden in his mask, contrasted with the maskless Trump, so that Biden’s “win” already seems to mean a “win” for masks, no matter what the voters really want.

Thus this latest chapter in 2020, the Year of Fear, will help to keep most everybody panicking, and vividly divided, and therefore easy prey.

Mark Crispin Miller 

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