A Covid Vaccine Is Not Needed and Is Probably Not Possible

Elizabeth Woodworth has researched the Covid vaccines and concludes that they are problematic and unnecessary. HCQ exists as an inexpensive and safe cure and as a preventative and does not require the deaths of a half million sharks, numbers of which are declining.  People have taken HCQ regularly for 65 years as a malaria preventative and have suffered no adverse effects.

The right thing cannot be done and people are needlessly sick and dying simply because Big Pharma wants to use Covid to make billions of dollars on a vaccine, whether effective or not.  


Sacrificing 500,000 Sharks to a Covid-19 Vaccine:

Is a vaccine more important than existing solutions?

Background and Abstract: It has recently been reported that drug companies working on a coronavirus vaccine are planning to add immunity-boosting squalene, an oily substance found in the livers of deep-sea sharks.[1]

It is estimated that up to half a million sharks may be slaughtered in order to increase the efficacy of vaccines that may be used to immunize the entire global population, possibly twice.

However, it may not even be possible to develop a safe Covid-19 vaccine:  It is not promising that there is no history of a vaccine for any of the coronaviruses.[2]

But is a Covid-19 vaccine necessary in the first place?  This short article explores other approaches to Covid therapy, including the success of several antiviral medications with long half-lives.

In 2009-10, most of the vaccine produced for the grossly over-estimated swine flu “pandemic” was not needed and destroyed. According to British Member of Parliament, Paul Flynn, “the UK ordered 90 million doses of H1N1 vaccine and 4.63 million doses were used in England.”[3]

According to Wikipedia, “the US government had bought 229 million doses of H1N1 vaccines of which 91 million doses were used; of the surplus, 5 million doses were stored in bulk, 15 million doses were sent to developing countries and 71 million doses were destroyed.”[4]

Some of the European and Canadian H1N1 vaccine formulations contained squalene.[5]

Are we going to squander more critically endangered sharks in 2020-21?

Sharks in Evolution

The shark species, more than 400 million years old (going back to when there were only two continents in a warm, shallow sea), has evolved to be remarkably versatile.  For example, some sharks are born as fully functioning pups attached to a placenta, others hatch from eggs inside the mother, while yet others are released as eggs into a safe spot on the ocean floor. Amazingly, female sharks isolated in captivity have been known to bear pups without mating, manifesting asexual reproduction.[6]

Sharks pre-date trees. They have survived five mass extinctions. Incredibly diverse, they live everywhere from deep, dark oceans to shallow seas and even river systems. They eat a wide variety of food, including plankton, fish, crabs, seals and whales.[7]

Their immune systems, fine-tuned over millennia, are highly resistant to microbes and cancer.[8]

Sharks in the Ecosystem

Long before dinosaurs roamed the planet, sharks were swimming the oceans, culling weak and diseased fish. By keeping the gene pools strong, they have long supported the health of ocean food chains, which are critical to our planetary health.[9]

Sharks also help to mitigate climate change. Seagrasses are responsible for more than 10 percent of all carbon buried each year in the ocean. Sharks roving these areas prevent grazing dugongs and other shark prey species from decimating the vegetation. And as heat waves increasingly destroy seagrasses, sharks are becoming more critical for ecosystem health.[10]

Sharks and Humans

Today shark populations around the world are in rapid decline.

Sharks grow and mature slowly. Because they produce few young in their lifetime their numbers are vulnerable to the vast overfishing – including pirate fishing – for their meat, fins, leather, liver oil, and cartilage. Harvesting them for shark liver oil alone kills 3 million sharks a year.[11]

As a non-target species, they also fall prey (as “bycatch”) to long-lines with thousands of hooks set for tuna and marlin, to deep sea trawling, and to disastrous gill nets which catch everything in their path.[12]

Many thousands of sharks become entangled in nets suspended around swimming beaches, where, unable to move, they drown.[13]

Worse, damage to their reef habitat and to their mangrove nursery habitat is an ongoing threat to the extinction of coastal sharks and rays.[14] The ICUN Red List for 2020 classifies more than 25% of sharks as “vulnerable” or “endangered”.[15]

This all adds up to approximately 100 million sharks killed annually by human activity.[16]

Much of this is allowed to happen because of popular misconceptions about sharks as primitive voracious man-eaters with small brains. In fact, many are plankton eaters and have brain-to-body ratios similar to birds and mammals.[17]

Another 500,000 Dead Sharks for a Global Coronavirus Vaccine?

In vaccines, squalene is used as an adjuvant – a compound that stimulates the immune response while saving the drug industry money on the amount of vaccine needed.

Deep-sea sharks living at depths up to 5,000 feet have very large reserves of squalene. Their livers can amount to 25% of their weight (compared with 5% in mammals) so they are often caught specifically for squalene.[18]

With regard to vaccines, award-winning conservationist Dr. Reese Halter[19] has written:

“Pharmaceutical companies are in search of endangered great white, hammerhead, Greenland and whale sharks because their livers are large and contain copious quantities of squalene, which the fish use for buoyancy.

If eight billion people were inoculated with vaccines containing shark squalene then almost a quarter of million large, masterpiece sharks would be decimated. Some pundits have predicted that each human may require two immunizations, hence 500,000 endangered glorious sharks would be hunted, tortured and slain.”[20]

Is a Timely Vaccine for Covid-19 Even Possible?

The kind of vaccine that the world is waiting for is the prophylactic type, which prevents a disease by stimulating antibodies against it in the immune system. Some of the great killer viral diseases that have been held in check by vaccines include smallpox (eradicated 1979-80), polio, rabies, yellow fever, and measles, mumps and rubella.

However, with influenza viruses, each new strain requires a modified vaccine.[21]

Dr. Didier Raoult, France’s most cited microbiologist with more than 2,000 published articles to his name, has identified seven new and less virulent strains of SARS Cov-2 in Marseille, where his Institute is located. He also reports that the original strain no longer shows up there.[22] That SARS is a moving target may make a timely global vaccine very difficult to achieve, especially as no vaccine has been developed for the “common cold” (caused by coronaviruses and rhinoviruses), nor has an AIDS vaccine emerged.

Is there an Alternative Treatment to a Covid-19 Vaccine?

Indeed, there is one particularly effective alternative – which is not being reported by the Western media.

Early Outpatient Treatment

In October 2020, the United States National Institute of Health – violating a core principle of medicine that disease must be treated early – confirmed its recommendation against early drug treatment for Covid-19.  Specifically, NIH guidelines require that patients not be treated until they are sick enough to require hospitalization.[23]

In other words, people in the flu-like Phase 1 of the infection, who might benefit from early outpatient treatment, are required to progress to Phase 2 of the disease, during which the dangerous immune system “cytokine” storm reaction leads to hospitalization and often to death. Despite dozens of peer-reviewed studies supporting early treatment,[24]this is the official U.S. Covid-19 policy under Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci’s only pre-hospital recommendation is the use of social distancing and masks. However, this approach, known as “contagion control” or “stop the spread,” is just one of the four pillars of a pandemic response. The second pillar is early treatment, whose documented successes with Covid-19 are discussed in a superb October 27 webinar with Dr. Peter McCullough of Baylor University, and practicing physician Dr. Brian Tyson of southern California.[25]

Dr. McCullough and his collaborators have developed an emergency program for the outpatient treatment of COVID-19. This early home treatment package offers management guidance for universal use by physicians during the Covid-19 crisis.[26]

They have also developed a handy visual algorithm that embraces the whole concept.[27]

Online medical educator Dr. Been, excited by the successful results of a conclusive new Covid-19 outpatient study,[28] remarked that by using its combination antiviral protocol, we could get to “zero deaths”.[29]

Is there an Existing Substitute for Vaccine Prophylaxis?

Could a drug now proven as an effective prophylactic (preventative) against Covid-19 be substituted for a global vaccination program that may not arrive before herd immunity naturally occurs?

Back in April 2020, Dr. Been, while discussing the 40-day half-life of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), presented photos of documents showing the Indian public health advisory on the hydroxychloroquine dose regimen for asymptomatic front-line health workers.[30]

(Fortunately, he added, HCQ collects protectively in the tissues, including the lungs and the kidneys, which are particularly susceptible to the coronavirus.[31])

Yale epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey Risch, recently reported that small amounts of steady-state long-term use of hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be effective in four studies conducted in India.[32] [33]

In October 2020, a viable aggressive prophylaxis strategy for SARS-CoV-2 was developed and described[34] (see the original article for its numbered references):

“Based on worldwide experience with SARS-CoV-2, we now know that certain groups carry a higher risk of developing severe complications of COVID-19.3,13,14 These groups can be classified according to the following risk factors:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Asthma/emphysema/smoking
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Malignancy/immune suppression
  • Age over 80 years old [Author’s note: Some articles say 60 years old]

In addition, medical personnel have more than three times the risk of acquiring the disease from repeated exposure to infected patients and household contacts.15,16

Where can we find a prophylactic treatment that is easy to use, inexpensive and already available?

An overlooked property of HCQ is its extremely long half-life, estimated at up to 40 days with oral dosing.26,27 This extraordinary property has allowed the medication to be used for decades as weekly prophylaxis for malaria.28,29 …Data from three randomized clinical trials using HCQ for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 did not suggest significant safety concerns, and there were no sudden deaths in any trial.34 HCQ treatment is also considered safe for use in pregnancy and childhood diseases.35,36…

Based on these observations, we propose instituting a prophylactic regimen for SARS-CoV-2 in the high-risk patients listed above.”

This study lists two other options:  the antiparasitic drug ivermectin, and tafenoquine, a newer antimalarial agent.[35] (Dr. Been notes that ivermectin can in some cases be better than hydroxychloroquine because it quickly reduces the viral load.[36])

Perhaps most convincingly, a growing database of early use hydroxychloroquine efficacy studies shows that 100% of 90+ peer-reviewed studies showed positive results.[37]

Where is the evidence to stop the world from officially treating Covid-19 without a vaccine?


If the worldwide success of early Covid-19 treatment with combination antiviral therapy continues to be suppressed by Western nations and their media and their social media, much of the world will remain in lockdown until an immensely profitable global vaccine is produced, probably using squalene to enhance it.[38]

The shark is an innocent creature, going about its business enabling a healthy marine food chain and protecting ocean carbon.  It deserves our respect and mutual protection.

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