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The Barbaric Product of American Indoctrination

The Barbaric Product of American Indoctrination

The child of white liberals:   https://www.zerohedge.com/political/wake-motherfker-wake-blm-idles-through-portland-neighborhood-bullhorn [1] 

I remember when this was called disturbing the peace, not peaceful protest.  Impunity to law is growing.  People asleep in their homes at night have no rights.  Only those who wish to disturb them have rights.  It begins this way.  Next time Antifa will be there with bricks.

No police on the scene.  Vote Democrat so this can happen in your town and in your neighborhood.  Kamala Harris calls it “social justice.”  Racist white people have no right to sleep undisturbed at night any more than businesses have a right not to be looted and burned.  With Democrats, Portland is America’s future.

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