Busing Created White Racism

Busing Created White Racism

Paul Craig Roberts

White people of my generation were not racist.  Why?  We went to neighborhood schools, and black families were still intact in those days before white liberal welfare destroyed black families. Perhaps there is something  to “white racism” after all.

A few years ago I was speaking with a white female schoolteacher about her problems of dealing with a multi-racial classroom.  I described my school days and the cooperation of the class with discipline so that the teaching function could proceed.  In my school days, white boys were more rowdy than the intimidated cowed beings they are today with their manhood under continual assault.  The teachers had unchallengeable authority backed up by principal and parents.  It was such firm authority that it did not have to be used.

I told the teacher my theory that busing destroyed discipline because it destroyed the PTA–the Parent-Teachers Association which ensured parental input and support for the education function of the school.  Busing meant that for many parents, the school was too far distant to attend regular meetings, and the PTA shriveled away.

She said my time had been an idyllic one, that today it is impossible for a white teacher to discipline a black student as it is interpreted as an act of racial discrimination. The child’s mother makes an issue of it.  The principal has to investigate. The school can stand behind the teacher once, twice, but after a third time, the teacher has become the problem. The blacks organize against her. The principal is accused of covering up for her. The local media get on the principal’s case.  She said the teachers learn that their job is not to teach, but to keep themselves, the principal and the school out of trouble.  That is why she said that there is no classroom discipline.

Of course, the idiot white liberals who destroyed American education never thought of this unintended consequence of forced integration.  Or did they intend it?

Travis LeBlanc writes that what made him and his generation racists was going to school with black kids.


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