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Sweden Has Come to America: White Females No Longer Protected from Sexual Abuse by Black Men

Black Man Helped Beat White Woman, Engaged In Sexual Extortion, Then Got Her Fired from Her Job When Turned Down

More evidence that white Americans are second class citizens

The everyday realities of being a white person in the United States right now means that employers will side with criminals when their own employees are victimized if the latter is accused of racism, then release a public statement to humiliate them further.

That Braden Fields has the power to assault white women, extort them into forced sex, and then get their victims fired while bragging about what he’s doing openly on social media shows the failure of American institutions. Whether it’s the police who look on and refuse to make arrests, or the administrators of Ohio State University, who are dragging their feet when it comes to punishing Fields, in spite of multiple complaints.

This is America.

https://www.unz.com/estriker/black-man-helped-beat-white-woman-engaged-in-sexual-extortion-then-got-her-fired-from-her-job-when-turned-down/ [1] 

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