George F. Will Disposes of Dumbshit Progressives

Paul Craig Roberts

The Best Thing George F. Will Has Ever Done

Highly Recommended 

We can add to Will’s list Greek, Roman, and other ancient artifacts from slave-owning societies in museums throughout the Western world. The Roman statues in the Met celebrate slave-holders and must be defaced and destroyed. The Roman colosseum and other remains must be pulled down along with the Acropolis in Athens.  Even though the slaves were white, these architectural and historically significant ruins are offensive to blacks and must go.  Blacks will never recover from slavery until all signs of Western civilization are obliterated.  From the standpoint of Antifa and Black Lives Matter–essentially white organizations financed with white money and thereby racist themselves–the racist white race has also to be obliterated.  Once whitey is gone, there will be purity.  Let’s get on with it and get the job done.  Heaven on earth awaits.


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