Brutal Black Gang Beatings of White Men, Women, and Children on Sharp Rise

Brutal Black Gang Beatings of White Men, Women, and Children on Sharp Rise 

Alex Jones has been demonized by the white liberal elites and driven off of social media and communication systems controlled by monopolies.  The reason for the attacks on Alex Jones is that his programs bring out disturbing facts that the media hides from you. The persecution of Alex Jones has made him more convinced of conspiracies against us.

Watch the various videos at the URL above to see the results of morally smug self-righteous white liberals teaching blacks to hate white people. Watch the brutal racist black gang beatings of white people, even of small kids. Watch the white couple submitting to blacks on a public street and kissing their boots.  Watch the videos of armed white Antifa shooting at people in cars on public streets.  Notice that what are called protests are harrassments. 

The question is: which race are the real racists?

 Why do you never see assaults on white people on TV or hear about them in the news?  Why do you only hear about white racists?  Are white people smart enough to realize that they are being set up? 

By teaching blacks that all their problems are due to white people, white liberals destroyed any prospect for a multiracial society and produced a situation in which diversity means white submission or civil war.

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