Covid Is Making a Comeback

Covid Is Making a Comeback

Paul Craig Roberts

It was only last week that we heard endless BS about Covid being a hoax, and that masks, social distancing, and close downs were pointless.  This week we learn that Covid is surging in more than half of the country.  

I have no doubt that the virus will be used in behalf of self-serving agendas.  Nevertheless, I also wonder about the external cost imposed on others by the propaganda that the virus is a hoax or not dangerous, and that the precautions taken have killed more people than the virus. This propaganda causes people to be careless.  Consequently, they become infected and spread it to others. 

Of all the countries in the world, the United States has the largest number of infections and deaths, more than double those of the second worst country— Brazil— with 2,278,588 infections and 119,959 deaths.  The United States has one-fourth of all the Covid deaths in the world. Currently, the new cases in the US are 30,000 a day and 1,000 daily deaths.  One problem with Internet information is that seldom is anything dated.  These numbers could be outdated.

This article — — raises an interesting question.  Was Covid seeded, and are the second waves in fact reseedings?  

I would have more confidence in Larry Romanoff’s argument if he had not associated it with a gratuitous attack on President Trump.  Nevertheless, if Romanoff is correct, there is much dark evil behind an engineered pandemic. Conspiracy theorists have hardly scratched the surface.

The fact remains that whoever, whatever is responsible for Covid, precaution is the only protection. In the US it seems that precaution has been thrown to the wind.

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