Will White People Self-Destruct?

Will White People Self-Destruct?

Paul Craig Roberts

The November presidential election has been racialized by the Democrats, media, white liberal elites, and the George Floyd protests. The racialization makes this election a watershed.

The Democrats, media, and white liberal elites have placed the responsibility for the multi-city rioting and looting by blacks on white Americans for being racist.  Although the evidence is clear that Floyd died from a fatal dose of the opioid on which he was strung out, his death is falsely attributed to strangulation by white police.  Thousands of businesses in many cities have been damaged, looted, or destroyed.  People have been injured and killed, and public monuments of white men have been destroyed, including statues of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant.

White liberal elites are apologizing to blacks for white racism and accept the rioting and looting as an understandable response to Floyd’s alleged murder.  The white elites do not comprehend that what is underway is not a demand for  inclusivity, but a demand for the obliteration of Western civilization.

The Antifa Manual spells it out:  “Whites, especially cis white males, have proven to be the greatest evil mankind has ever known. . . . To create a culture of tolerance,” white power has to be overthrown. The way to do this is to fill up the country with non-white immigrants and to limit the growth of the white population. “It’s well-known that whites in America are not producing as many offspring as their counterparts. It’s important to make abortion, on demand and without apology, overwhelmingly available in predominantly white communities. We must lower the bar to access birth control in these communities and use media to promulgate the image of childless white people as being sexy, hip and cool.”  Once whites are a minority of 30% of the population, they can be cancelled.

The manual was found by an acquaintance floating around on Instagram.  He did screenshots of the pages, but did not do a good job. It is possible that the manual is a fake, but it sounds like Antifa. Fake or not, the manual shows the actual agenda and contains the usual Antifa contradictions, such as simultaneously calling for the elimination of “all forms of hate speech” while damning whites as “racist, homophobic, misogynistic.” Here is the link:  https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Af042a417-edef-4007-9f5f-9d7daaa2dd08#pageNum=4 

The attack on whites is not limited to cis white males. It is a total attack on everything from packaging to classical music to the English language. The entire purpose, history and culture of whiteness is alleged to be the suppression of people of color.

When I lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I would walk the two blocks to Preservation Hall, sit on a log on the dirt floor and enjoy the jazz created by the black musicians.   I never thought the black jazz lacked “ethnic diversity” and  therefore was racist. But classical music is a white accomplishment and thereby racist.  Although the US population, despite best efforts to the contrary, remains 60% white and blacks are only 13%, it is white classical music, not black rapper music, that is  declared to be unsuited to the ethnic diversity of the American population — https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/06/22/classical-music-is-being-cancelled/ . The New York Times accuses classical music performances of being too ethnically homogenous and thereby masking “a racist problem.” Little doubt that the New York Times’ agenda is to discourage the white liberal foundations from helping classical orchestras meet their budgets.

Blacks dominate basketball just as whites and Asians dominate classical music, but we don’t demand racial balance in basketball or criticize it as “too ethnically homogenous.”  If we did, there would be few black players.

Racial attacks on classical music are now commonplace. In this one — https://nmbx.newmusicusa.org/its-time-to-let-classical-music-die/ — classical music is said to be a racist abuser.  The author, apparently a failed black composer, writes that “classical music is inherently racist” and that “Western classical music is not about culture. It’s about whiteness.”  

So is black music about blackness?  Notice, it is only white accomplishments that are racist. 

 It wasn’t racist for the black king of Dahomey to create the black slave trade, but it was racist for European colonists to purchases his slaves.  

It is not racist for blacks to loot and burn white people’s stores, but it is racist for white people to attempt to defend their property.

Black people can use Ebonics, but it is racist for white people to use the English language.

If white people defend themselves and the accomplishments of Western civilization from attacks, they are dismissed as racists. Blacks do not encounter this problem, because white people are not permitted to criticize them.  To criticize a black person is to engage in hate speech and to commit a hate crime, just as criticizing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is proof that you are an anti-semite. 

Only the white vote can elect Joe Biden president. If white people elect Joe Biden, it will be an act of self-destruction. Biden has promised to ignore the Second Amendment and to disarm the population.  Of course, it will only be law-abiding whites who are disarmed.  Once they are disarmed, the next looting and burning will be in white neighborhoods.  

For decades the entire purpose of education has been to destroy white confidence and to build black anger.  It has been successful.  White people will now have to fight for their lives or be cancelled. 

It will be difficult for white people to defend themselves, because they have no leaders. The Democrats have aligned with the looters, but the Republicans have done nothing to defend property and to restore public order.  Trump is isolated in his own establishment government surrounded by enemies who will not implement the agenda that got Trump elected. Tucker Carlson makes it clear that the Republicans are stupid, effete, and weak — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWmw3IzdDVQ .  But Trump would not ride roughshod over the 2nd Amendment.  To be armed is the best hope white people have.

White people are intellectually disarmed and at the mercy of Critical Race Theory which instills guilt and shame into them.  Corporations run their white employees through unconscious race bias recognition seminars to make white people comfortable abasing themselves before blacks. It is difficult for people trained to admit guilt to defend themselves and their fellows. The result is a white majority dispossessed of confidence who are submissive to black violence.  

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