So Many Denied The Obvious


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So Many Denied The Obvious

As Covid-19 cases soar in states such as Arizona, Texas and Oregon, governors are again facing wrenching choices about how to balance economic recovery and the lives of citizens. While some have paused to reassess the wisdom of premature “reopenings,” many are plunging ahead despite frightening numbers like Florida’s 2.8% increase in reported cases Friday, its largest daily jump since May 1. Underlying this are the declarations of some politicians that boosting the U.S. economy out of recession is more important than saving American lives. Others, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose state was the global epicenter of the pandemic, has called that a false choice. America leads the world in Covid-19 infection and death. How much worse a second wave makes that toll has yet to be revealedDavid E. Rovella, Bloomberg News

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