The Firing of Fauci Is Long Overdue

The Firing of Fauci Is Long Overdue

Fauci cannot get out of the box imposed by Big Pharma, and the CDC and WHO are part of the vaccine lobby.  President Trump needs to clean house before medical dogmatism kills us all.

Yet another scientific article endorses HCQ, but Fauci and CNN continue to erroneously assert that there is no evidence in behalf of the treatment that doctors say is curing the virus.


An international poll of more than 6,000 doctors released Thursday found that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine was the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus. 

How HCQ works:

“A graphical illustration of the antiviral mechanisms of CQ and HCQ. Both chemicals can interfere with the glycosylation of ACE2 and reduce the binding efficiency between ACE2 on the host cells and the spike protein on the surface of the coronavirus. They can also increase the pH of endosomes and lysosomes, through which the fusion process of the virus with host cells and subsequent replication are prevented. When HCQ enters APCs, it prevents antigen processing and MHC class II-mediated autoantigen presentation to T cells. The subsequent activation of T cells and expression of CD154 and other cytokines are repressed. In addition, HCQ disrupts the interaction of DNA/RNA with TLRs and the nucleic acid sensor cGAS and therefore the transcription of pro-inflammatory genes cannot be stimulated. As a result, administration of CQ or HCQ not only blocks the invasion and replication of coronavirus, but also attenuates the possibility of cytokine storm. This figure appears in colour in the online version of JACand in black and white in the print version of JAC.”

“In summary, we propose that HCQ could serve as a better therapeutic approach than CQ for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection. There are three major reasons for this: (i) HCQ is likely to attenuate the severe progression of COVID-19 through inhibiting the cytokine storm by reducing CD154 expression in T cells; (ii) HCQ may confer a similar antiviral effect at both pre- and post- infection stages, as found with CQ; (iii) HCQ has fewer side effects, is safe in pregnancy and is cheaper and more highly available in China. Given the fast-growing number of COVID-19 patients and the urgent need for effective and safe drugs in the clinic, it is more practical to identify reliable candidates by screening currently available drugs. We herein strongly urge that clinical trials are performed to assess the preventive effects of HCQ on both infection and malignant progression.”

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