A Failure of Leadership

A Failure of Leadership

Paul Craig Roberts

The below is a factual commonsense statement:

“If the current approach of telling everyone to stay home is to be lifted, widespread and faster testing will be needed to identify infected people for isolation. Easing stay-at-home orders in the absence of sufficient testing would risk reigniting the outbreak.”

The question is:  Where were WHO, NIH, CDC, health ministers, prime ministers, presidents?  Why did the leadership of the Western World sit on its hands for three months?  Has  history ever experienced a worse and more complete failure of leadership?

Leadership is absent, because the West has been organized to serve private selfish interests with agendas inimical to the public interest.  The People accepted lies and deception, and now we are paying the price. 


Dear Readers:

Clued-in medical professionals, a number that hopefully will grow larger quickly, tell me: “your site offers honest and real information by experts—you are providing a real public health service.”

I am trying hard to provide good information on the virus in addition to keeping you abreast of other important developments. I trust you think I am doing a good job.


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