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Disunity Is Now America’s Leading Characteristic

Disunity Is Now America’s Leading Characteristic

Paul Craig Roberts

The Old Dominion (the Commonwealth of Virginia) produced the most important members of our Founding Fathers and two of the most successful military leaders in history, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, but has somehow managed to elect a nutcase for its current governor. His name is Ralph Northam, and he seems to have many screws loose.

To begin with, Northam thinks a Virginia governor can repeal the Second Amendment, which has been consistently protected by the US Supreme Court, and confiscate guns from Virginia gunowners.  He has said so many stupid and truculent things that a majority of Virginia counties are against him.  He has riled up Virginia gunowners, who are planning a protest in Richmond. 

Northam has responded to the protest by declaring a “state of emergency due to potential civil unrest at the Virginia state capitol.” He implies that the protesters are white nationalists who intend “violence, rioting, and insurrection.”  Any such, of course, would be the product of groups organized by Northam for those purposes.

Virginia’s downfall is its proximity to Washington DC.  Northern Virginia has become non-Virginia.  It is full of lobbyists and federal government bureaucrats.  These outsiders are taking away the voice of Virginians.  The rot extends deep into the state. Charlottesville, the home of the University of Virginia founded by Thomas Jefferson has a liberal progressive tradition. Nikuyah Walker, a black woman, used controversy over the Unite the Right rally to get elected to the city council and was selected by the council as mayor.  Walker is truculent and a critic of the city’s progressive leadership, which she believes hides its racism behind a progressive cover.  Once again we see progressives have more good intention than sense, and they have put a disruptive force at the head of the city government in Charlottesville and the Commonwealth government in Richmond.

With Northam and Walker tearing apart the unity of another state, the flag of disunity is waving over ever more of “the land of the free.”

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