Will the Democrats’ Treasonous Coup Against Trump Succeed?

Will the Democrats’ Treasonous Coup Against Trump Succeed?

Paul Craig Roberts

The orchestrated coup to overthrow Trump based entirely on lies moves forward despite having been completely exposed, while the Trump administration’s indictments of the Obama era officials who organized the coup remain remote.  It seems that the entirety of Washington, including Trump’s own administration, has organized against the outsider who would upset the privilege-ridden system.

Most Americans have no idea where to look for real news as contrasted with the fake news of the media directed at unseating President Trump.  Two new reports show that the print, TV, and social media are in the hands of the CIA and UK government propaganda units.



Caitlin Johnsone reports that Twitter’s senior editorial executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa is a person who works for a British military propaganda unit. Twitter is known for suspending accounts that don’t comply with the Empire’s explanations.  Yet, the insouciant youth of the Western World cannot do without Twitter. They are incapable of realizing that they are locking themselves tightly into the elite’s Matrix. 

As Caitlin writes, “This is just one more item on the ever-growing mountain of evidence that these giant, immensely influential social media platforms we’ve all been herded into are nothing other than state propaganda for the digital age.”

Caitlin explains that the real power of the empire and the oligarchy that rules it is in their invisible  presence. “Officially we all live in separate, sovereign nations run by democratically elected officials; unofficially we live in a massive transnational empire ruled by a loose alliance of plutocrats and opaque government agencies where military propagandists are employed by social media monopolies to manipulate public narratives. The official mask exists only on the level of narrative, while the unofficial reality is what’s actually happening.”

Zero Hedge reports that the media, that is the Propaganda Ministry that serve the ruling oligarchy, are now employing CIA agents whose careers were in overseeing espionage and kill programs, warrantless wiretapping, psyops, and covert operations designed to overthrow governments and incite “civil wars.”

In George Orwell’s book, 1984, Big Brother had to keep his deceptions under cover.  But in insouciant America the Deep State can conduct its control operations in the open. 

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