The Latest Mass Shooter Is Black—That’s Why You Didn’t Hear About It

September 1 Update to the Mobile Football Game Shooting

A Google search turns up 11 reports on August 31 of the Mobile Football game shooting, most of which repeat the same canned short report.  Here are the eleven I found: ABC news, NPR,, USA Today, CBS news.,,, Daily Beast,, law&crime.

Of the 11 reports not a single one mentioned that the shooter is black.  

Two of the 11 reports (the online sites of ABC news and law&crime) provide a photo indicating that the shooter is black.


The Latest Mass Shooter Is Black—That’s Why You Didn’t Hear About It

When the news doesn’t fit the agenda, it is not reported.

“Two all-black high schools are playing one another in football, and a black gunman opens fire in a mass shooting no one will talk about on a national scale, because it reveals the truth about gun crime in America: invariably, when a shooting happens, the person responsible for the gun crime is black (the New York Times confirms 75 percent of mass shootings in America are committed by blacks).” 

“51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black, 29% were white, and 11% were Latino.” — Boyd Cathey, Unz Review, August 13, 2019

But it is the fault of racist white supremacists and President Trump and the NRA and gun manufacturers.

Don’t expect Reza Aslan and Noel Ignatiev to make blanket condemnations of blacks and Obama because of the Mobile football shooting.  

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