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US Withdrawal from INF Raises Nuclear War Risks

US Withdrawal from INF Raises Nuclear War Risks

“The United States and Russia are now in a state of strategic instability; an accident or mishap could set off a cataclysm. Not since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis has the risk of a U.S.-Russian confrontation involving the use of nuclear weapons been as high as it is today. Yet unlike during the Cold War, both sides seem willfully blind to the peril.” —former Senator Sam Nunn, Senate Arms Forces Committee and Ernest Moniz, former Secretary of Energy.

Of course, the Russians are not blind to the dangers and constantly stress the danger.  The American former officials, of course, cannot blame Washington because they would be seen as unpatriotic to blame their own country. So to make their point, they have to say both the US and Russia are “willfully blind to the peril.”

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