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The NYT cartoon is not anti-semitic. The cartoon is factual.

The NYT cartoon is not anti-semitic. The cartoon is factual. Moreover, the cartoon is directed against Trump, not against Israel. To declare the cartoon “anti-semitic” broadens the reach of “anti-semitic” to include criticism of Israel’s non-Jewish friends.

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Trump is Israel’s agent, not Russia’s. What has Trump done for Russia? Look at the extraordinary things he has done for Israel.

The Israeli ambassador to the UN says the New York Times cartoon is anti-semitic and  is responsible for shooting attacks at synagogues.

Anti-semitism “must be punished” and “criminalized,” declared the Israeli.  Even justified criticisms of Israel are defined as “anti-semitic,” so what the ambassador is demanding is that criticism of Israel be criminalized.

Meanwhile the ambassador who so deplores critical words against Israel has nothing to say about the ongoing Israeli slaughter of Palestinians with missiles, bombs, and bullets whose land Israel has stolen.  Slaughtering Palestinians is permissible but criticizing Israel is not. That is the Zionist position.

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