Herland Report Interviews William Binney

Herland Report Interviews William Binney

William Binney is the NSA official who developed the spy program. Binney designed the program to be limited to legitimate targets. The George W. Bush regime, specifically vice president Cheney, removed the constraints on the operation of the program, because Cheney wanted to spy on political opponents and on allies. In other words, the Constitution was violated. For blowing the whistle, the US Department of Justice (sic) attempted to build a case against Binney for doing his duty and blowing the whistle.


In America revealing government wrong-doing has no effect as neither Congress nor the public care. When Edward Snowden again blew the whistle on illegal and unconstitutional spying, nothing was done about it except to turn against Snowden for revealing the government’s crimes against law and the Constitution. It seems we might as well take the Blue Pill.


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