Assange’s Arrest Is a Hideous Illegal Act

Assange’s Arrest Is a Hideous Illegal Act

Professor Michel Chossudovsky points out that yet again an honest, brave truth teller, this time Julian Assange, is being punished by those whose murderous crimes he exposed. The corrupt whores who comprise the Western media have aligned with the murderers against the truth teller.

“The unspoken objective of Assange’s indictment is to  create a legal precedent which will enable Washington and its allies to arrest independent and anti-war journalists indiscriminately.
What is at stake–revealed by Wikileaks–is that politicians in high office are the architects of war crimes. To protect them and sustain their legitimacy, they require the suppression of  freedom of expression, which in turn requires ‘the criminalization of justice’.”

Read Professor Chossudovsy’s article and you will see that the immoral and illegal behavior of Western politicians make it difficult to defend the West. Insouciant Western peoples have let their governments become criminal organizations that are systematically destroying the values that defined the West, such as free speech, the rule of law and accountable government, respect for truth, mercy toward others, innocent until proven guilty, and integrity. These principles and values of Western achievement are becoming as rare as unicorns. Everywhere in the West law, once a shield of the people, is being turned into a weapon against the people.

Those in power in the Western world are now destroying ethic nationalty and shared values of their populations, the required basis for a country to exist, by overwhelming Western peoples with unassimilable immigrants, who have nothing in common with their coerced hosts and who occupy a privileged “victim” position from which to engage in constant demonization of the invaded native born white populations. In this way, the Western world is destroying itself.

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