What is an Insouciant American?

What is an Insouciant American? Example: 25% of Americans aged 18-24 said that invasive technology described below was good for their privacy The Rise Of Totalitarian Technology By Neil Howe March 10, 2019, http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/51249.htm Is technological progress bad for human autonomy? That’s the question posed by Shoshana Zuboff in “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” a book that recounts the ways in…

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Trump Is America’s First Zionist President

Trump Is America’s First Zionist President Paul Craig Roberts It is impossible not to feel some sympathy for President Donald Trump.  His agenda to restore normal relations with Russia and to end Washington’s gratuitous wars has been frustrated by the “Russiagate hoax” that the military/security complex and corrupt Democratic Party used in the effort to remove Trump from the presidency. …

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