My Quarterly Call For Your Support

Truth-tellers Are Being Censored: My Quarterly Call For Your Support

Dear Readers:

I have had to take measures to strengthen the website from outside interference. The entirety of the interview archive disappeared off the website.  Readers complained that they had ceased receiving the newsletter notices of new postings to the website. Soren Korsgaard helped to restore the interview archive,  and has moved the website’s email to an encrypted provider.  

He explains here the expanding censorship that is being used to control explanations and arms you with information that you can use to protect your privacy and your continuing access to factual and truthful explanations:

Truth-tellers Are Being Censored

Soren Korsgaard

A large number of readers have complained that they do no longer receive the newsletter of  In absence of a logical explanation this is likely the result of Google censorship and shadow banning. Conspicuously, Paul Craig Roberts’ quarterly request for donations in December had the weakest response in the 10 year history of the website.

Governments have politicized truth and allocated large resources to imprison, censor, and shut down vocal critics while putting pressure on digital media moguls to expell critical information related to 9/11, the psychopharmaceutical complex, the military/security complex, the Israel lobby, Wall Street, the big banks and US imperialism and unilateralism. Facts have become persona non grata as “official explanations” are the new truth.

In order to receive the newsletter consistently, disconnect yourself from mail clients that are owned by Google and corporations subject to government influence, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, and opt for an encrypted mail that does not log personal information about you, such as  which is free and end-to-end encrypted. Just like emails are spied on, Google’s search engine is essentially worthless for researching politically inconvenient material; fortunately, the powerful search engine  does not track its users or censor material.

Recently, Google updated their algorithms, greatly affecting content and searches on its Orwellian platform However, nothing forces people to use Google’s services and there exists many alternatives. See for example: . 

Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms are also deeply embedded in censorship and shadow banning information that western governments do not want the public to know about. If you don’t like it don’t use it. For social media alternatives see:

Governments can only control the narrative and public perception to a certain extent as people can freely choose which service to use.

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Dear Readers:

Other ways that truth-tellers are attacked is through websites, such as PropOrNot, that catagorize truth-tellers as “Russian agents” and provide a list for Google, et. al., to censor, and by using hirelings to discredit truth-tellers with libel and personal attacks.  For example, Wikipedia labels me as a “conspiracy theorist” because I report, and sometimes comment on, experts’ evaluations of the official 9/11 story, and the Israel lobby group ADL labels me an anti-Semite because I report, and sometimes comment on, Israel’s dispossession of the Palesinians of both life and property and on the Israel Lobby’s extraordinary influence over Congress, media, entertainment, economic policy and academic appointments. Others label me as a “racist” because I point out that Identity Politics produces disunity and false histories that serve to demonize white people.

The purpose of ad hominem attacks and misrepresentations is to scare readers away from truth-tellers. Caitlin explains how smears work: 

The way America works today, in order for a person to have a sterling reputation, a person has to lie and support the ruling ideology and official explanations.

To remind:  This is your website.  I took it up at your urging.  The deal is that I suffer the slings and arrows and you support the website.  This is my quarterly call for your support. Your website depends on it.


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