Two Minutes To Midnight

Two Minutes To Midnight

Many youngsters think that nuclear war is impossible because it is irrational. In fact, nuclear war is very possible and, indeed, likely. In our present time Washington has recklessly heightened tensions with Russia and China, and reaction times are so short that they permit no time for clarification or reflection. Launched missiles, unlike ships and airplanes, cannot be recalled.

John Walsh, Stephen Cohen, and myself, like others of our age who experienced decades of the Cold War, are now experiencing a far more dangerous resurrection of it. The older generation must succeed in making the younger ones comprehend that the hurt that awaits mankind will not be loosed by Democratic politicians in Virginia wearing blackface. John Walsh’s review of Daniel Ellsberg’s book, Doomsday Machine, might assist Americans in coming to grips with reality:

Otherwise, we won’t be here much longer.

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