Whatever Happened to Leadership?

Whatever Happened to Leadership?

Cynthia McKinney has raised an issue that I was wondering about. Where were the parents of the 15 year-old girl that is now accusing Kavanaugh of something far short of rape that happened when they were high school kids in the 1980s? Where were the parents of the home in which underaged boys and girls were drinking? Who arranged the combination of teenage hormones, alcohol, and an unsupervised house and did not expect some kind of incident?

Have the brainless American media and the lesbian/feminist MeToo men-haters forgotten the sexual revolution ot the 1960s and 1970s? By the 1980s, females were as sexually prosmisuous as males.This, of course, changed male behavior. But MeToo doesn’t want females to have any responsibility for this.

I remember reading in newspapers in the 1990s about pre-teen girls providing oral sex on school busses and in school cloak rooms. I remember reading about how singles’ bars had cut into the prostitution trade.

I am not for Kavanaugh or against him, and I suspect that is also Cynthia McKinney’s position. We are both concerned that rape has become devalued as a serious offense by being converted into a political weapon.

McKinney points out that the candidates of both political parties are now subject to sexual abuse charges that will, no doubt, reduce the number of those willing to stand for public office.

McKinney, a former Democratic member of the US House of Representatives, goes further. She sees a man-woman divide being created that is more insidious that the racial divide that has been created.

By seperating society into mutually hostile groups, the ruling elite have erased society’s ability to oppose the agenda of the ruling elites.

McKinney wonders about the future supply of leadership when good character is becoming a thing of the past. Read her column:


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