Resist The Suppression Of Truth. Support Your Website

Resist The Suppression Of Truth. Support Your Website

Paul Craig Roberts

This website was launched on New Year’s Eve, 2011. It will be 7 years old next New Year’s Eve.

I undertook the responsibility because of readers’ demands. I had resigned my syndicated column and put down my pen and looked forward to having
time for my own after a long life of hard work, but readers would have none of it and insisted that I resume.

A website for an individual is much more work than a syndicated column. Newspapers don’t want you but once a week. A website, however, can’t sit for a week without new material. I believe I have written more columns for this website in less than 7 years than I have over the course of my life for my regular columns in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Scripps Howard News Service, Creator’s Syndicate, leading French and Italian newspapers, Investors’ Business Daily, and guest columns for the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Times, and leading UK newspapers.

It is hard to believe, but once I would be called by the New York Times and asked to write on a subject. I have a large number of video tapes from my TV interviews.

If I had kept my syndicated column, I would have enjoyed much more free time over the last 7 years.

If this sounds like a complaint, it is not.

This website, instigated by readers’ demands, is very successful in terms of readership. This website has hundreds of thousands of readers. Moreover, my columns are reposted on numerous other websites that are compendiums with much larger readership, such as the Unz Review, Global Research, Information Clearing House, and they are featured in Europe on the Herland Report and on English language Russian sites.

They are on the Chinese site, SinoPolitico, and are translanted into many foreign languages including Russian where they are a regular feature in major newspapers, which in our Russiaphobic time makes me a “Putin dupe/agent” like President Trump. Requests for interviews both at home and abroad exceed my time available. Sometimes before I have had my morning coffee I am on Skype with a foreign TV station.

If this sounds like bragging, it is not.

The readers who demanded my continuation are responsible for this success. Moreover, it is not my success. It is the success of the power of truthful speaking, or as close as one person can get to it in the arenas in which he has competence.

I thank the readers who demanded than an honest voice not go silent.

I thank the readers who are my financial mainstay.

I would like to have a war chest. Not just for my comfortable retirement, if I ever have one. But because of the rapidly mounting assault on all voices that are independent of the military/security complex, the deep state, Wall Street, the Israel Lobby, CIA-inspired Russiaphobia, and the presstitute media that serves these most powerful interest groups.

The American people no longer have a government that has any concern with their interests. The government, including the courts which have been corrupted, serves the powerful private interests, not the powerless citizens who are routinely abused and murdered by the militarized police. Americans are no longer a free people. Amerians are prisoners in The Matrix where explanations are controlled to serve the agendas of the ruling elite. Those, such as myself, who challenge the false explanations are seen as enemies of the state. The ruling elites funded an Internet site, PropOrNot, the purpose of which is to brand truth-tellers as “Russian agents.”

Despite my distinguished career in public policy, scholarship, and journalism, acknowledged by the US Treasury’s Silver Medal for “outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy,” by peer-reviewed publication of books by Harvard University Press and Oxford University press, by the French Legion of Honor conveyed on me by President Mitterand of France, and by the US Congress calling on me 30 times to testify about the main issues of our times, a record of service substantiated by Who’s Who in America’s Lifetime Service Award, I am persona non gratta in the American and print media. As a former editor and columnist of the Wall Street Journal, I cannot publish in my own newspaper despite being the only Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury that the financial newspaper has ever been able to produce.

America has an enormous number of foundations and rich people. None of them support this site. In my younger days, a site such as this that stood for peace, the US Constitution, and the rule of law, would have had overwhelming support from philanthropic foundations and the wealthy.

But not today. What do the foundations of the wealthy support? They support unjustified attacks on truth-tellers.

Let’s take for example, Alex Jones. He has built up a huge information network and readership. If memory serves, I read not long ago that his audience exceeds that of CNN. I don’t find this surprising. I have been on Alex’s program many times. Often I have found him over the top, but, nevertheless, he is after the truth. If he misses it, so what? Who else is after the truth? Most certainly not the presstitute media.

In my opinion Alex does too much and is over-stressed. People without the experience do not understand how much stress that there is sitting in front of a live rolling camera. You cannot sit there and say, “duh,” and think about your answer. You have to speak without interruption. I know this from countless interviews. You can guess what you will be asked, but seldom do you know the questions. Silence while you think is one thing that TV does not permit.

But this is an aside. Alex Jones’ Infowars has been accused by Reveal and the Center for Investigative Reporting as being a racist recruiting tool that turns listeners/viewers into “white supremists.”

Who finances this utter nonsense? These libelous attacks on Infowars are financed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation, Google News Lab, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and a pile of other foundations.

To be clear and precise, all the money is aligned totally against truth.

The only money truth has is yours. Truth is not free. If you don’t spend your money on truth, truth will disappear. This, of course, is what the elites want. They want a world in which no explanations exist but their self-serving explanations.

Insouciant Americans, bless their ignorant hearts, support the social media that is gradually being used to control them by eliminating alternative voices. Most of the insouciant Americans will never notice. And this is the danger. Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution can be lost simply because most Americans do not know what the foundation of their freedom is or that the foundation is under attack. Public education and court historians have made it impossible for Americans to have any accurate information about their country. Americans live in the darkness that J.R.R. Tolkien described in The Lord of the Rings and in the controlled state portrayed in the film, The Matrix.

This website is a counter to the lies that are determining our existence and leading to nuclear war. This website needs your support. None will come from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, George Soros or any of the foundations.

The United States of America is failing, and might take the entire world down with it, because the ruling American elites are totally alienated from truth. Truth does not serve their interests.

In America the most dangerous undertaking anyone can do today is to tell the truth. There is no greater danger. Just look at the punishment given to whistleblowers who, despite their legal protection, are treated worse than common criminals.

Readers who do not support this website do not support their own liberty.
Consequently, they cannot count on retaining their liberty or what is left of it.

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