Self-Hating Whites

Self-Hating Whites

Paul Craig Roberts

Last night on the main campus of the University of North Carolina a mob of ignorant fools overflowing with hate and self-righteousness overturned a statue of a Confederate soldier as a protest against “white supremacy.” From the available photos it appears that a large percentage of those protesting “white supremacy” are themselves white. I wonder if any of these whites have ever experienced the supremacy that they are protesting?

White supremacy cannot be found in university or work place speech codes where anything goes with regard to what can be said about white people, but if said about non-whites would result in “sensitivity training,” disciplinary action, denial of tenue, or firing as at Google where a senior male engineer was fired for stating the obvious fact that men and women have different capabilities and excell at different things.

White supremacy cannot be found in preferential admission policies at universities. No white has “preferred minority” status. Corporations and state, local, and federal governments have no quotas for whites, who are “the last hired and the first fired.”

Whites cannot even protest their discriminatory treatment. If a white sticks up for himself, his defense against accusation is taken as an expression of white supremacy.

Whites cannot even have their history and historical monuments. It is nonsensical that a 100 year old stature of a soldier of a violated and destroyed country is a symbol of white supremacy. The South was invaded and defeated. It is the statue of the Union soldier that conveys supremacy.

Jews who criticize policies and behavior of the Israeli government are labled “self-hating Jews.” With that precedent, white adherents of Identity Politics can be understood as “self-hating whites.”

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