Parkland Obituaries

Parkland Obituaries

Some readers report finding some convincing obituaries and some less so. For example, some readers report what appear to be more like news stories than obits in which people who did not know the victim are very mushy about it as if it is an orchestrated PR event. Some readers say that the Parkland shooting is more convincing than the Las Vegas one, and that some of the mass shootings are real and some are not.

I continue to wonder why the stories are presented in ways that seem intentionally to raise suspicions and why loose ends are left loose and conflicting testimony left unresolved. I wonder if we are being trained to be unable to discern fact from fantasy.

Perhaps the suspicions about the shootings are the result of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. We have had so many lies, such as Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Skripal poisoning, and the lies about Gaddafi, that we have lost confidence in all news reports, especially when there is the possibility of an undeclared agenda, such as gun control in the cases of the mass shootings.

When governments and the media are disrespectful of the truth, they destroy their credibility among the people.

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