Is This The Way Capitalism Works or a Sign of Cultural Degeneration?

Is This The Way Capitalism Works or a Sign of Cultural Degeneration?

A consultant to the restaurant industry speculates that the latest outbreak of foodborne illness at Chipotle Mexican Grill was suspicious because of a large number of shorts of Chipotle stock and possibly was intentional in order to create huge payoffs for the shorts.

Others defend the integrity of the market place.

I remember the first product tampering case from many years ago. Several people died as a result of a substance placed in a container that could be opened and closed without notice. This led to tamper-proof or tamper-indicated packaging. i wondered at the time if someone with a new business idea had created a market for his idea.

An alternative explanation is that society changed and suddenly began producing lone nuts with murderous intentions. Suddenly trust vanished, trust that had existed since packaged goods had first been sold, that someone would not adulterate bottles and packages on grocery store shelves.

Anyone under the age of 50 probably does not know that once there was no tamper-proof packaging or child-proof bottles, just as there was no need for airport/airplane security, just as it was possible for kids to be gone all day on their bikes without parents being arrested for child neglect by Child Protective Services.

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