Germany RIP

Germany RIP

Paul Craig Roberts

Who would have imagined that the once great German nation would be ruled by Washington? It is extraordinary, but that is what has happened. Merkel, Washington’s whore, has agreed to fill up Germany with the refugees from Washington’s 16 years of illegal wars against Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East. These are wars that Merkel’s corrupt government enabled.

The German people themselves are not pleased with this result, but their rising voice is being throttled by Merkel legislation ordered by Washington that defines opposition to accommodating Washington’s war refugees as “hate speach.”

Washington’s whore and the whore’s subservient German cabinet want to impose fines of $53 million dollars on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms if they permit complaints about Germany being overrun by Muslims. Those who complain, that is, those who use Germany’s guaranteed free speech, are defined as hate criminals or purveyors of fake news.

It is impossible to imagine any more subservience to Washington than the utterly corrupt and anti-German Merkel government displays.

I cannot vouch for this report on Jihad Watch, but it rings true.

The entire history of the 21st century is the history of Washington’s wars instigated by Zionist neoconservatives and the state of Israel against Muslim countries. So far Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, and parts of Syria and Pakistan, have been destroyed by gratuitous military attacks that are, without any doubt, war crimes under the Nuremberg Standard established by the United States.

The hoax “war on terror” has not only murdered and dislocated millions of peoples, producing waves of Muslim immigration over the Western World, but also destroyed Western civil liberty.
The Merkel whore’s Washington-subservient government wants Germans who protest Washington’s barbarism and the dire consequences for Germany to be punished for “hate crimes” and spreading “fake news.”

In other words, the whore doesn’t want any German to be able to say what the consequents are for Germans of being Washington’s puppet.

The identical is happening in the US with the lists of those who speak truth characterized as “Russian agents,” “Putin’s Dupes,” and “fake news purveyors”

How does truth survive propaganda of this magnitude?

Only on those websites where there are people brave enough to speak the truth.

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