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US Invades Syria

US Invades Syria

By delaying the wrap-up of the expulsion of ISIS from Syria, Russia gave Washington time to introduce troops into Syria. Apparently, the Russians were hopeful of securing US cooperation in expelling the little that remained of ISIS as a way of improving relations between Washington and Moscow. The Russians gave in to this futile hope because of Trump’s talk about better relations. Now with Israel, Turkey, and the US illegally occupying Syrian territory, splitting off part of Syria and imposing a hostile puppet government allows Washington to continue the conflict, as Washington has in the Ukraine, and tire the Russian people of the commitment. As President Putin has said that Russia cannot trust Washington, Russian policy should reflect that fact. Russia is far past the point where Russia can afford illusions about cooperation with Washington. The Russian desire for Western acceptance will end up destroying Russia.

Tony Cartalucci explains that Washington’s plan to split the Syrian state goes back to the Cold War days of 1983. Washington, it seems, never abandons a plan no matter how outdated. This one goes back 34 years.

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