News From The Breakaway Republics

News From The Breakaway Republics

This has come to me from the independent Donbass region. The Western media provides nothing but disinformation about this area of the world as part of the ongoing demonization of Russia.

I am surprised that Russian intelligence did not discover in advance the Obama regime’s coup against the Ukrainian government. I continue to believe that the Russian government made a mistake refusing the breakaway republics requests to be re-incorporated into Russia like Crimea, but I understand that Putin was counting on his refusal to calm the fear of a “revanchist Russia” that Washington was infusing into Europeans. Putin’s strategy made sense, but it failed because Europe hasn’t the capability of foreign policy independence. Western Europe did not lose its independence to Nazi Germany. Europe lost its independence to Washington. It was the US that defeated Europe and reduced Europe to vassal states of Washington’s empire.

The links provided by Chopov below will give you English language reports from that part of the world where Washington, enabled by the EU, continues to provoke violence against Russian people.

My name is Alexander Chopov and I am the founder of the Donbass Truth Channel. Our goal is to give the people of Donbass, Crimea and South-East Ukraine a voice in English. We don’t just report the news, or show video reels of suffering. We put these things in context, for Western viewers to understand not only WHAT is happening, but WHY it is happening. For example, in our very first video we explain that when hundreds of thousands of people came out to protest the Maidan coup in the Spring of 2014 they weren’t “pro-Russian” or “pro-Putin” – they were first and foremost PRO-DEMOCRACY demanding the federalization of the country, and the right to elect local governments. But that truth would have made it very hard for Western media to demonize them – after all that would mean that they share the same democratic and freedom-loving values as the people in the West. We currently have 15 videos and are working on new ones. They are from Donbass, Crimea and Moscow. Our latest uploaded video is about the JIT report on the MH-17. We traveled to the crash site, and take an in-depth look at the report and all the glaring holes in it. Here is a link to our video: We also have lighter videos, like this one, where we, with hard-hitting facts, but light-heartedly, make fun of the demonization of Russia in Western media. We are all volunteers and are doing this, because we believe that only when the people in the West realize that their governments are supporting people indiscriminately bombing civilian cities and killing kids, can this horrific war come to an end. But since, unlike what Western media has people believe, Putin doesn’t give us suitcases of money, we have to means to advertise our work. Thus, only a few people see and learn the Truth. So, I would like to ask you, and your organization to help share our work with your readers, followers and subscribers, so that together we can get people to learn the truth, and help bring the end to the suffering of not only the people of Donbass, but of drafted Ukrainian soldiers, who are sent to die and kill their fellow citizens under false pretexts, as well as ease the tensions and warmongering towards Russia by some Western elites! Sincerely, Alexander Chopov +79150555058

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