Building Fascism In America

Building Fascism In America

It is very convient to use, and it is practically impossible not to use Google.
But the propriators of both are working in behalf of fascism in America.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post functions as a neocon or CIA asset aimed at shutting down dissent, and Google enables the spy state with its participation and technology.

According to Forbes, Americans have made Bezos rich to the tune of $67.3 billion, a sum larger
than the GDP of many countries, and Bezos uses this money in an effort to shut down dissent in America.

And Google appears to be one of the chief architects of the American police state. As Julian Assange tells us, “Google is not what it seems.”

Here is Dave Kranzler’s view of mega-billionaires gone bad:

How does liberty survive when consumer convenience creates the powers that destroy liberty?

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