More Lies From The Experts — Paul Craig Roberts

More Lies From The Experts
Get Trump at all costs

Paul Craig Roberts

As flyover America has been suffering economically for many years, these Americans were immune to the oligarchy’s anti-Trump propaganda. However, everyone else in the country was taken in by the propaganda—liberals, progressives, the remnant of the leftwing, and even Patrick Martin of the World Socialist Web Site who normally writes intelligent commentary.

Like Green candidate Jill Stein, Patrick Martin wants a vote recount that could be manipulated to put Hillary in the White House. Apparently, Martin is unfamiliar with Hillary and her record of war crimes. Instead of expressing relief that the agent of the military/security complex, who has threatened military action against Russia and demonizes the Russian president as “the new Hitler,” was not elected, Martin unloads on Trump who has stated his goal of reduced tensions between nuclear powers. Trump’s government, Martin writes, “will undoubtedly be the most reactionary, militaristic and dictatorial government in American history.”

If war and dictatorship aren’t enough, Daniel Altman tells us that Trump will bankrupt us as well.
We are on our way to debtors’ prison, says Daniel Altman in Foreign Policy:

Altman doesn’t seem to know any more about his subject than Martin knows about Hillary. Altman writes as if the tax and spending policies of Ronald Reagan and “the younger Bush” are responsible for the national debt by letting the nation “live beyond its means, stealing from legions of unborn Americans to fund their grand ideas.”

As economist J.W. Mason has shown, Reagan did not increase the national debt. During the Reagan years, the growth in the national debt was due to the high interest rates imposed by the Federal Reserve (in my opinion in the Establishment’s attempt to wreck the Reagan program).
Mason shows that it was the Fed-imposed increase in interest rates on the debt that raised the national debt.

In contrast, despite the Fed’s accommodation of the Oligarchy’s puppet, Obama, with zero interest rates, Obama holds the record for the greatest increase in US national debt. Obama added $8 trillion dollars to the national debt and holds the record:

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