Trump Tells The Truth

Trump Tells The Truth And that is why the One Percent hate him

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Michelle Obama Promotes Lewd Rappers

Michelle Obama Promotes Lewd Rappers From Gerald Celente’s Trend Alert Michelle Obama’s ‘rap’ more disgusting than Trump talk KINGSTON, NY, 26 October 2016—Hitting the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Michelle Obama made headline news lashing out at Donald Trump’s boast on a 2005 tape that as a star he could “do anything to women.” Calling Trump’s statements so…

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What Is At Stake In The Election — Paul Craig Roberts

What Is At Stake In The Election Paul Craig Roberts Here Are The Presstitutes Who Control American’s Minds: I just heard an NPR presstitute declare that Texas, a traditional sure thing for Republicans was up for grabs in the presidential election. Little wonder if this report on Zero Hedge is correct. Apparently, the voting machines are already at work…

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