Quarterly Call For Your Support

Quarterly Call For Your Support

Dear Readers:

This is your website. It will stay up as long as you support it.

The website has far more readers than donors.

I receive many appreciative comments from readers such as these:

Dr. Roberts, I find all your articles so thoughtful and always on target. I just had to write tonight after reading this current one to tell you I found it exceptional. You have a way of laying out these moments of the trials of our existence in these horrible times clearly and carefully so that we can share what you say with those few souls left who can still face what our leaders are up to and wish to inform others. This piece brought tears and yet I will always want to know rather than not know no matter how miserable the news. Thank you, thank you for your great website. Diane

Sir, Thank you for what you do. You offer a unique perspective to geopolitical analysis, you take seemingly complex situations and make them simple to understand. After watching enough of your interviews over the years, I’ve caught on to your way of thinking. I’m now able to sort through rhetoric and use current trends to predict future events accurately. God bless you and your family, hope to see you on the other side of whatever comes next. Sincerely, Derek

..this is fabulous…and important I believe. It’s not just that you help people understand, you act as a catalyst for other writers and proponents for a radical course correction – your work paves the way for those hungry to add themselves to the frontline for truth telling… And some day, something will crack somewhere… Gunnar

I also receive a lot of abuse.

Writing for you requires much work, commitment and energy, and the costs are high in terms of alternative uses of my time. Show me your financial support.

Paul Craig Roberts

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