Letter from the Netherlands

Letter from the Netherlands, formerly known as Holland, the Home of the Dutch People

Observations about the vassal status of the Netherlands

Thank you for your excellent and powerful articles about Neocon policies and how they destroy world peace. As a Dutch citizen (having done an MBA in the US in the seventies) I’m appalled at the slide into sycophantic behavior of our elites and press. A few facts to illustrate:

(1) The Dutch PM said recently that the sanctions against Russia will continue as long as they occupy Crimea. While Putin is vilified in the Dutch press, the investigation into the causes of MH17 has stalled and press and government remain silent about it. The reason is clear: Russia is already branded as the perpetrator in the public mind.

(2) The Neths. has ordered 37 fighter jets F35s with hook ups for 20 odd upgraded nukes to be stored on Dutch soil. In case of war Dutch pilots are to drop these on targets to be determined by the US. Belgium, Germany and Italy have the same arrangement.

Two ex PM’s of the Neths. came on TV arguing for a national debate. They rightly claimed that this arrangement was in contravention of the nuclear proliferation agreement. The entire press in the country was outraged and headlined “traitors” effectively shutting down the debate. I could go on with many other signs that the Neths has lost its bearings. Thank for your important work! Steven

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