Another Letter From Finland

Another Letter From Finland:

Thank you for publishing \”PM\”\’s writing concerning situation in Finland. I am in Finland too and could not agree more. It is hard to explain the incomprehensible feeling when you see that the once so peaceful country is actively managed into chaos. Public sector costs are inflating the same time as private sector jobs are being sold out to low cost countries. Foreign debt is progressively increased while natural resources are being turned into companies which can then be sold to foreign investors, as most of the mining rights already have been. The local media is being actively manipulated to publish only the government\’s agenda and we are depending on foreign sources for any criticism and true information of what is happening. No trouble with neighbor Russia for decades, but despite the good co-existence, now we see lobbyists inside the government actively pushing the country into the arms of NATO, against the common sense prevailing among the public. The former opposition party \”True Finns\” turned out to be worst tyrant puppet of all after being accepted into the government (a perfect example of \”fake opposition\”). So please pay attention every once and a while to the progress of this small and remote country if you can. Unfortunately today all signs are pointing into wrong direction and there is no longer any free opposition to turn to, if you wish to democratically vote for peace and independence.

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