Washington Continues To Destroy Latin American Reformers — Paul Craig Roberts

Washington Continues To Destroy Latin American Reformers

Paul Craig Roberts

Currently, Washington is conducting operations against Latin American presidents who tried to represent their own peoples instead of American business interests and Washington’s foreign policy. Washington is trying to unseat and indict President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, President Evo Morales in Bolivia, President Rafael Correa in Ecuador, and President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. Washington has succeeded in getting the president of Argentina, Chistina Kirchner, out of office, and is now seeking to have her indicted. To round off its attack on Brazil’s reformist political party, Washington is orchestrating crimes with which to tar and indict Rousseff’s predecesor, Lula da Silva.

Everyone on Washington’s Latin American list of people to be destroyed is a far better person than anyone in Washington. Washington’s Latin American targets have far more integrity, are tainted with far less corruption, and are far more committed to those who voted for them than anyone in Washington.

The danger that these reformers face is due to their innocence. They naively believe in good will between classes. They think that the rich elites, who are well connected to Washington, and that Washington itself, will accept democratic outcomes.

They believe this despite the fact that Washington, using the Spanish elite that Hugo Chavez left unmolested, overthrew Chavez. Chavez had to be rescued from Venezuela’s Spanish elite, who are agents of the CIA , by the Venzuelan people and military, who secured Chavez’s release and reinstatement before Washington’s Spanish elites could kill him.

Chavez, being a man of good will, did not exact retribution against the Spanish elites who cooperated with the CIA to overthrow him. Consequently, the elites are now working with the CIA to overthrow Chevez’s successor, who lacks Chavez’s charisma.

Lenin did not make this mistake. Lenin made his power stick by eliminating unreliable elements.

So did Pol Pot.

Pol Pot is regarded in the West as some crazed figure who emptied entire cities and turned the inhabitants into piles of bones and skulls. He is seen as a madman, but he was just a good Marxist. He understood that if he left the elites and the bureaucracies that served them in place, his revolution was history. The elites would use their media and Washington’s money to overturn the people’s revolution.

The complete and total inability of Washington to accept democratic outcomes in Latin America
means that unless Latin America has a Lenin or Pol Pot in its future, Latin America can forget about existing independently of Washington’s control and exploitation by US corporations. America’s Latin American colony will continue to be ruled by Washington, Wall Street, and American corporate interests. Latin American governments will represent Washington, not the peoples of Latin America.

In the online journal, Strategic Culture Foundation, Nil Nikandrov provides a view of how Washington operates against those who do not accept Washington’s control: http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/04/04/the-us-media-war-against-leaders-latin-america-i.html

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