Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?

Guest Column by Stephen Lendman

Bipartisan gangsters running America let nothing interfere with their ruthless agenda, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, serving monied interests exclusively.

Trump won’t change longstanding policies if elected president. Yet Republican power brokers and media scoundrels want anyone but him representing the party in November.

Will they choose the nuclear option to prevent it? Will long knives eliminate his candidacy the old-fashioned way?

Facebook outrageously maintains an Assassinate Donald Trump page, ludicrously claiming it doesn’t violate company “community standards” left undefined – perhaps including murder.

In 1968, Bobby Kennedy had a lock on the Democrat party nomination, likely able to defeat Richard Nixon in November.

On June 5, he was fatally shot, Sirhan Sirhan falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, set up as a convenient patsy.

Bobby, brother Jack and Martin Luther King were extrajudicially assassinated, victims of state-sponsored terror – Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray wrongfully blamed.

Are long knives planning Trump’s removal? Is he being set up for elimination? Has a date, location and convenient patsy to be blamed for his demise been chosen?

Maybe an unfortunate plane crash, other fatal accident, or mysterious incurable, fast-acting deadly illness is planned.

Will Trump be gone before Republicans choose their nominee in July, or perhaps before November’s election?

In his earlier article titled JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn’t,” James Fetzer debunked the official accounts, explaining “staged events that fit into a recurrent pattern in US and world history where innocent individuals (or ‘patsies’) are baited and framed for cover-up purposes,” RFK’s killing “in part intended to prevent a reinvestigation into his brother’s death.”

“The assassinations of RFK and JFK were both conspiracies. Both involved the destruction of evidence. Both involved the fabrication of evidence.” 

“Both involved framing their patsies. Both involved complicity by local officials. Both involved planning by the CIA. Both were used to deny the American people (the) right to be governed by leaders of their own choosing.”

Fetzer detailed vital facts about the JFK and RFK assassinations media scoundrels to this day won’t explain – part of the longstanding coverup of what happened.

Oswald and Ray are long gone, Sirhan still alive in prison. In January 2010, academic prison teacher Gerald B. Reynolds spent time with him, getting a firsthand account of things in Sirhan’s own words.

He was 66 years old at the time, 42 spent in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, now nearly half a century.

Reynolds asked him: “Did you do it?” Sirhan responded: “Did I do what?”

Reynolds: “Did you kill Robert F. Kennedy?”

Sirhan: “No, I did NOT kill” him!

Reynolds: “I know you didn’t.”

Sirhan: “How do you know?”

Reynolds studied what happened in detail. RFK was killed at point blank range by a bullet to the back of his head.

“The real assassin appears to (have been) Kennedy’s Ace Security Company bodyguard – Thane Eugene Cesar,” Reynolds explained. 

“At least one eyewitness claims to have seen Cesar with a smoking gun in his hand immediately after Kennedy fell to the floor.” 

“An audio recording made during the assassination indicates that there were at least 11 shots fired from possibly three different guns.”

“The conclusion is that Kennedy was shot three times from behind with a fourth bullet passing through his suit coat.” 

“The fact that you (Sirhan) were standing in front of Kennedy is undisputed, and yet according to the coroner’s report, not one bullet entered Robert F. Kennedy from the front of his body.”

Sirhan responded, saying “(t)hank goodness somebody else knows.”

CIA operatives arranged the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. Patsies wrongfully blamed like Sirhan had nothing to do with committing murder.

“(T)hey stole my life,” Sirhan explained. “I’ve been rotting in this stinking prison for nothing!” 

In February, he was denied parole for the 15th time – commissioners outrageously saying he hadn’t shown adequate remorse or understanding of the enormity of the crime.

He’s wrongfully buried alive in prison, justice systematically denied him – along with thousands of others languishing in America’s gulag, the world’s largest, one of its most vicious.

He’ll never see the light of day again outside prison walls. Does a similar fate await an unknown patsy, to be falsely accused of being Trump’s assassin – if plans are to eliminate him the old-fashioned way?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at 

Same question could be asked about Sanders.

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